April 30, 2012

Charges won't be issued for hit on Duxbury High player

By Jesse Connolly

A clerk magistrate from Plymouth District Court ruled that that no charges would be issued against Scituate’s Alex Way for his devastating hit on Duxbury High’s Tucker Hannon in a game on Jan. 7 at The Bog ice arena in Kingston.

Hannon took a pass from a teammate in Scituate’s zone and fired off a shot before being laid out on a crushing check by Way, leaving him down on the ice, covering his head in pain.

After being diagnosed with a concussion, Hannon’s parents sought to press criminal charges against Way for the hit.

Both players spoke with the media after Clerk Magistrate Philip McCue made his ruling in a closed hearing.

“I’m sorry Tucker got a concussion,” Way told the Boston Globe. “And I’m sorry it got to this point.”

Hannon stressed that he didn’t want to see things escalate to this level and that all he ever really wanted was for the Scituate player to express his remorse of the incident.

“I don’t think it should’ve been brought to court,” said Hannon, who still suffers occasional headaches and missed over a month of school due to the hit. “The apology was accepted.”

According to the Globe, both boys also play lacrosse and will be squaring off against one another in May.

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