March 25, 2015
The Hockey Mom: Emphasize love, not winning
Whether it is anxiety, stress or fear, kids’ bellies belie their smiles.

February 18, 2015
The Hockey Mom: Skating the fine line is a tricky deal
A lot of what makes hockey great is the battles. But it also makes for a blurry line sometimes. How much aggression is enough? Too much?

January 30, 2015
The Hockey Mom: Teammates trump losing feeling
“MOM,” Sam said one night while I was making dinner. “Do you think our team will ever score again?” I chuckled, and nodded.

December 15, 2014
The Hockey Mom: Unwrap some hockey holiday joy
In case you or your young hockey player is making a Christmas list, here is a ranking of Sam’s favorite/most useful holiday hockey presents.

November 29, 2014
The Hockey Mom: Plenty to learn from forward-defense dilemma
It’s funny how rationale thought can desert you when you watch your child play hockey.

October 21, 2014
The Hockey Mom: Sacrifice part of the game for sports families
If you are reading this, you already know me as the “hockey mom,” but the reality is that I am equally a “horse mom.”

September 30, 2014
The Hockey Mom: Orono a role model for conquering cost burdens
The Orono, Maine, Youth Hockey Association's website uses USA Hockey's ONE GOAL program to keep costs down for young players.

August 15, 2014
The Hockey Mom: Don't raise your players to be colorblind
Sam was probably about 7 or 8 when he first brought up the issue of race in hockey.

July 31, 2014
The Hockey Mom: Specialization can wait, kids’ fun cannot
Except for the acrobatic sports, there is no evidence that early specialization in one sport aids achievement of elite status.

June 23, 2014
The Hockey Mom: 3 youth coaches who truly get it
April Bowling looks back with fondness on her son Sam's three great years with his youth coaches.

June 11, 2014
Hockey Mom: Leaving ‘select’ choice up to your kid? Priceless
A dad dressed in a black North Face fleece approached the glass and began banging on it so hard that my coffee cup started to vibrate toward the edge of the dasher.

May 15, 2014
The Hockey Mom: Proactive approaches make camp decisions easy
Choosing a camp is no time for hasty decisions, because the wrong camp can ruin a precious week of summer.

April 6, 2014
The Hockey Mom: In a wintry backyard, a miracle evolves, endures
There is a much-beloved hockey institution in our town.

February 24, 2014
Hockey Mom: A valuable lesson in prevent defense
When I read that one of the Micheli Institute’s goals was the development of youth evaluations and conditioning programs to prevent concussions in the first place, I almost jumped for joy.

January 27, 2014
The Hockey Mom: Mites’ big-rink adventure
I know this column will come out after the holidays, but the last month of hockey has put me in the spirit with some unexpected gifts

November 27, 2013
Hockey Mom: Cross-ice demands a fresh perspective
By now, any parent of a Mite knows about USA Hockey’s big change from full-ice to cross-ice. Everyone has an opinion, and they generally aren’t shy about sharing them.

October 26, 2013
Hockey Mom: Watching pro camp teaches great lessons
It is as important how you listen to, understand and respond to your coaches’ criticism as it is how talented you are to begin with.

September 27, 2013
The Hockey Mom: Postcards from power skating camp
There is clearly an age element to the effectiveness of camp.

August 28, 2013
The Goalie Mom: Sometimes, the pads never quite fit
This is probably the only time you’ll catch my writing in Brion O’Connor’s goaltending column.

July 30, 2013
The Hockey Mom: Win or lose, sportsmanship must prevail
We can’t turn back time and go all “Lord of the Flies” anymore, so parents and coaches have to step up and teach kids how to be team players.