February 23, 2012

NEHJ Buyer's Guide: Protective Equipment


Here's the NEHJ Buyer's Guide for Feb. 2012, featuring all the latest and greatest protective equipment.



Gladiator Pro

The Gladiator Pro is a cutting-edge custom mouthguard. The Gladiator Pro combines the approved thickness for protection and patented cut designs for the best in protection and comfort. 

The Raptor (pictured right)

The Raptor is a material upgrade for the Gladiator Pro that is denser but not thicker.  This allows for better “chewing” resistance without sacrificing comfort.

Gladiator Personalization

Personalize your Gladiator with any front image/logo, identification and color combination.  Side identification is always free as well as over 50 stock images to select from.



Projekt line (pictured right)

The new Projekt line of protective equipment from Warrior sets a new standard for performance in the category. Based on three simple ideas that match the new pace of the game, the Projekt line delivers the ultimate protection package that allows a player to be fast & agile on the ice. Features lightweight dexterity, integrated stretch mobility and targeted protection.




Vapor APX Shoulder

Lightweight Vent Armor composite protection with shoulder caps, sternum place, spinal plate and bicep guards. New Vent Armor foam panels with chest panels and side rib panels. AERO Foam arch support with removable extended core protection. VAPOR Free Flex system incorporating Free Flex bicep guard, Free Flex shoulder cap and multi-segment upper body design 3D THERMO-MAX+ liner.

Vapor APX Elbow 

Lightweight Vent Armor composite protection with forearm cap and forearm guard. New Vent Armor foam bicep pad AERO Foam lateral insert. VAPOR Free Flex system incorporating multi-segmented cap, multi-segmented bicep guard and elastic forearm strap. Anchor strap across elbow joint for secure fit. Tapered fit design THERMO-MAX+ liner.

Vapor APX Shin (pictured right)

Lightweight Vent Armor composite protection with shin cap construction and calf wrap construction. New Vent Armor foam lateral insert with pre-curved knee donut, segmented adjustable thigh guard, segmented removable liner with venting and extended knee wing dome technology. VAPOR Free Flex system incorporating Free Flex cap design, Free Flex liner. Tapered fit design. Adjustable calf wing for personalized fit. Anchor strap across calf and knee for secure fit. Wraparound strap on lower leg. 3D THERMO-MAX+ liner.




Reebok KFS Hybrid (pictured right)

The KFS Hybrid features two unique parts, a hockey-specific padded shirt with strategically placed padding designed to integrate with the KFS Shield. The shield is a lightweight, reinforced molded caps system that works with the padded shirt to offer a free range of motion without sacrificing protection.

CCM U+ Crazy Light Shoulder Pads

The brand-new shoulder pads are designed using CCM’s proprietary U Foam technology, which allows the shoulder pads to be extremely light while staying protective. U Foam is water resistant and therefore does not retain any excess moisture during the game. It starts light and stays light.

CCM U+ Crazy Light Elbow Pads

The Crazy Light elbow pads also are designed with U Foam technology. The pads are made with molded U Foam in the forearm and bicep and feature a floating neoprene vented mesh liner with comfort grip in the elbow bed.

CCM U+ Crazy Light Shin Pads

The anatomically designed Crazy Light shin pads feature molded U Foam thigh guards and calf wraps. These shin pads, when combined with the rest of the Crazy Light protective equipment, help to reduce the overall weight of the player without sacrificing the protection that is needed to play the game.



202 Ultra Carbon Flex Cup

The Ultra Carbon Flex Cup includes patented dual-layer protection and a flex curve design for improved comfort. MSRP: $14.99

270 Compression Hockey Jock with BioFlex Cup 

The Hockey Jock with BioFlex Cup includes a comfort fit waistband and Velcro tabs to secure socks in place.  MSRP: $34.99

569 Ultra Neck Guard (pictured right)

The BNQ-certified Ultra Neck Guard has an anatomically contoured neck wrap design for ultimate comfort and mobility. MSRP: $12.99

875 Ultra Knee Support with Bilateral Hinges

Get back to top form with Ultra Knee Support with Bilateral Hinges that provides superior comfort and stability. MSRP: $69.99

This buyer’s guide originally appeared in the February 2012 issue of New England Hockey Journal.