August 13, 2012

NEHJ Buyer's Guide: Hockey Skates

Here's NEHJ's Buyer's Guide for August 2012, featuring all the latest and greatest hockey skates and accessories from the top manufactuers.


Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG (pictured right)

The Supreme TotalOne NXG is next generation power like nothing else seen before. With Bauer’s patented flexible tendon guard working in concert with the 3Flex tongue, the NXG features increased range of motion, generating the most power possible while adding to the overall efficiency through increased stride length.  The Curv composite boot allows for an anatomical, natural fit with less negative space throughout the skate providing a true 360-degree custom fit. See what makes hockey’s lightest skate also its most powerful.

Nexus 1000

Engineered from hockey’s DNA, Nexus infused authenticity with technology. The ultralight quarter provides the player with an “easy load” on every stride for efficient energy transfer and fast acceleration. With our deepest and most voluminous fit, players will experience the combination of faster takeoff speed and maximum comfort.

Bauer Vapor APX

The new Vapor APX is the culmination of material and technological advancements resulting in the lightest Vapor skate ever. A new X-Rib construction utilizing Curve composite revolutionizes the way players will interpret speed and experience comfort. Structure and stability enable fast turns and quick acceleration — hallmarks you expect from Vapor. The Vapor APX is designed and engineered to elevate your game to a new level of fast.


CCM Crazy Light Skates (pictured right)

The CL is CCM’s most heat moldable skate to date.  When the UFOAM is heated and molded, the skate fits very close to the foot, allowing more energy transmission in every stride.

CCM U+ 12 Skates

The U12 skates feature a Pro Armour heat moldable tongue with felt to be both comfortable and protective against lace bite.

CCM U+ 10 Skates

The U10 skates are lightweight and feature a Rugged Armour quarter package for durability and protection.


Stealth RS skates (pictured right)

Easton is taking a new direction in the category by focusing on speed and agility. Building on the success of the Stealth RS stick, the RS skate is designed to bring a new level of performance by enabling explosive power. A lower profile boot with increased stiffness in the four-ply quarter panels improves player quickness and acceleration.

Synergy EQ skates

Three distinct Hybrid Launch Zones and a fully thermo-moldable boot give the Synergy EQ family of skates great performance and a fully customizable fit. With five models ranging in price from $69.99 to $499.99, Synergy EQ skates ensure athletes at all levels get the performance, comfort and fit they deserve.



With its superior fit and performance, similar to the ULTRA G75 Lite, the ULTRA G65 offers the lightweight, impact resistant SRPP Molded Composite technology.

MRSP: $549.99


The SUPRA G535s offers a superior mid-level skate featuring Teclite Mesh construction, AirNet lining and Graf’s new ATTACK holder.

MRSP: $249.99

SUPRA G4500 (pictured right)

With unmatched responsiveness and energy transmission, the SUPRA G4500 is a part of Graf’s revamped line of goal skates. Featuring new cowling with replaceable runner.

MRSP: $249.99


Reebok 20K Skates (pictured right)

The 20K skates make pro-level performance accessible to consumers at retail. With the best out of the box fit and customization, players can get the most of every stride.

Reebok 18K Skates

The 18K skates are lightweight, durable and offer the personalized performance that players who spend a lot of time on the ice look for.

Reebok 16K Skates

The 16K skates are lightweight and feature the Max Armour V quarter package with titanium reinforcements for stability and durability.


Pro Blade Soakers

Rated the best blade soaker in the hockey industry and designed as a “slip on,” the Elite Hockey Pro Blade Soakers provide the ultimate protection from nicks and cuts to both your hockey equipment and hockey bag.


The Elite Hockey Pro-insole is engineered and designed to provide a quicker and more balanced turn and stride in your game. The Pro-insole outperforms any and all.

Pro-lace (pictured right)

The Elite Hockey Pro-lace series is an unsurpassed product engineered and designed for all out punishment. Never start your game without it.

Pro-X700 Ultra Sport Bamboo Sock

The Elite Hockey Pro-X700 Ultra Sport Bamboo Sock is the most advanced performance foot sock you can have on your feet. Never settle for less.


Black Stone Sport X-01 Personal Skate Sharpener

Sharpen Flat Bottom V (FBV) and Radius of Hollow. Pro shop anytime any place. Save time and money.

MSRP: $979.99

Black Stone Sport X-02 Portable Skate Sharpener (pictured right)

Sharpen FBV and ROH. Convenient affordable pro shop for your hockey club.

MSRP: $1595.99

Black Stone Sport Triple Head STEALTH Skate Sharpener

Unique spinner dressing system sharpens FBV and ROH. Dual-cyclone exhaust.  Angled table top.

MSRP: Starting at $21,000


Standard, Pro and Compact (pictured right)

Stay on the ice and in the game with the same protection used by the pros. The patent-protected designs offer impact-dissipating protection without impeding performance. Premium-grade polycarbonate Skate Fenders are available in full-coverage models that fortify the entire foot — the Standard model, NHL-proven Pro model, and the brand-new Compact model that concentrates protection around the ankle and instep.

MSRP: Full size – Standard ($69.95) and Pro ($79.95); Compact size – ($69.95)

This buyer’s guide originally appeared in the August 2012 issue of New England Hockey Journal.