October 4, 2012

NEHJ Buyer's Guide: Helmets

Here's NEHJ's Buyer's Guide for September 2012, featuring all the latest and greatest products from the top manufacturers of hockey helmets.


11K helmet

The 11K (pictured right) is the only helmet that offers a true 360 degree fit.  The Microdial II is designed to allow for the full 360 degree wrap and vertical adjustment to hold the helmet firmly in place.

7K helmet

The 7K helmet is designed with an aerodynamic shell with ventilation to allow for maximum air flow.  The inside of the helmet features molded EPP foam with comfort cushions for maximum protection.

5K helmet

The 5K helmet features moldable EPP comfort foam and comfort cushions to allow for a snug fit and maximum protection.


Performance and protection

The M11 PRO (pictured right) combines advanced protection with streamlined design and aggressive styling for elite performance, fit and comfort. The helmet becomes an extension of the player.

Seven technology

A patented impact attenuation liner system that’s designed to more effectively manage energy transfer from direct impact. On impact, Seven Tech pods compress to laterally displace energy and, within seconds, completely reset — a true multiple impact technology

Contoured fit

ProFit 2 — enhanced for an ultra-compact fit. The 15-point, no-tool system micro-adjusts the entire helmet shell to create a true 360-degree custom fit. It eliminates pressure points while keeping the helmet in place during play and on impact.


Gladiator Pro

When wearing a Gladiator custom mouthguard, athletes can speak, breathe and drink from their water bottles. Can you do that with your mouthguard? The Gladiator has approved thickness for protection, patented design for maximum comfort and enhanced performance.

The Raptor

The Raptor (pictured right) is a material upgrade for the Gladiator Pro. It is denser but not thicker. The Gladiator Raptor allows for better “chewing” resistance without sacrificing comfort.

Gladiator Bonus

Personal identification included and 50 percent off all replacements for life (when Gladiator model is used).


Bauer RE-AKT

Introducing Bauer RE-AKT, the first hockey helmet designed to manage rotational forces and provide protection against all hits in hockey. The RE-AKT helmet features Bauer’s proprietary suspend-tech liner allowing the helmet to move independently from the head during angular impacts to help better manage all hockey hits. Combined with the most advanced technology and utmost comfort, the Bauer RE-AKT leads the way in protection, comfort and innovation.


The CCM Vector Helmet

#1 Shell in the NHL — Pro approved to pass the mirror test, the Vector helmet features an ergonomic shell, designed with the industry’s widest field of vision. With the lift and lock too-free adjustment, the helmet easily opens for a quick fit. The Vector helmet has a wide range of opening to fit all head shapes.

High Impact EPP Liner — The Vector helmet has an EPP liner with heat activated memory foam for added comfort. Lightweight EPP is strategically placed to optimize coverage and performs exceptionally well at absorbing energy from hits.

Air Flow System — Aerodynamically constructed for maximum ventilation, 19 strategically placed vents were designed for air to flow up and over the head.

Models — CCM Vector Helmet, CCM V08 Helmet (pictured right), CCM 06 Helmet, CCM 04 Helmet


Nano 3D Mouthguard

The Nano 3D mouthguard (pictured right) is designed to be a small part of your big game: It forms to fit your bite and improved airflow.

Ultra 2 STC Mouthguard

The Ultra 2 STC mouthguard fits your teeth into aero-cushioned anti-shock pads for a low profile, supremely comfortable fit. 

#6401 — Gel Nano Mouthguard

The Gel Nano mouthguard provides high impact protection with a custom fit, securing your teeth into a vertical wall frame, limiting side impacts.

This article originally appeared in the September 2012 issue of New England Hockey Journal.