July 11, 2011

NEHJ Buyer's Guide: Goalie Equipment

Here's the Buyer's Guide from the July 2011 issue of New England Hockey Journal, featuring the latest and greatest products from the top manufacturers of goalie equipment. 



RX10 Limited Edition Goal Pad

Square outside roll with three knee rolls. Pre-curved shape and flexible boot break. Air foam in leg channel with adjustable calfwrap. Adjustable knee lock and adjustable strap system. Removable under-the-pant thigh protector.

MSRP: $1,449.99

RX10 Limited Edition Catch Glove

Streamlined design reduces bulk. Flex wrist cuff for freedom of movement. Flex Armor full motion backhand design protects against stray sticks.

MSRP: $429.99

RX10 Limited Edition Blocker

UPPLIFT system designed to keep the blocker square to shooter. Soft, reinforced nash and nylon mesh palm. Increased side hand protection.

MSRP: $309.99

SUPREME ONE100 Goal Pad (pictured right)

Flat face with triangle outside roll. Pre-curved shape and stiffer boot break. Open leg channel with Adjustable Knee Lock and adjustable strap system. Removable under-the-pant thigh protector.

MSRP: $1,449.99



Koho Revolution 588 RPM Pro Goalie Leg Pads

Handmade in Canada by Lefevre and worn by All-Star Jonas Hiller, the Revolution 588 RPM is a professional-level leg pad that features traditional knee rolls and a softer, more flexible boot.

Koho Revolution 588 RPM Pro Goalie Catch Glove

The Koho Revolution 588 RPM Pro Catch Glove provides top-of-the-line protection and is available in either a one-piece cuff or a traditional two-piece cuff. Handmade in Canada by Lefevre.

Koho Revolution 588 RPM Pro Goalie Blocker (pictured right)

Handmade by Lefevre in Canada with the finest materials available, the Koho Revolution 588 RPM Pro Blocker provides professional-level protection that goalies of all levels have come to expect.

Koho Revolution 588 Pro Goalie Chest & Arm Protector

The Koho Revolution Chest & Arm Protector Series is a classic Koho design brought back with modern internal materials. This unit includes large shoulder wing floaters, adding increased protection and additional blocking surface.



Larceny Goal Pads

Larceny is a true hybrid style of goal pad. Using traditional knee roll construction and a softer boot flex, goalies will be able to better control rebounds and reduce puck momentum. The lightweight foam core technology provides greater stability with superior protection that slows break down.

Larceny Blocker

The Larceny blocker redefines the evolution of traditional integrating motion control with accelerated reaction time. The lightweight design offers a uniformly balanced weight while the binding-less edge maximizes net coverage. The inside deflection panel covering the index finger, thumb and wrist area combines superior protection with additional sixth-hole coverage. 

Larceny Catch Glove (pictured right)

This alluring catcher completely envelops the back of the hand with high density foam protection in the finger and wrist areas. The catcher thumb has an extreme radius allowing the puck to glide into the T-Pocket for a secure catch. Individual fingerstalls feature super grip to allow the goalie a quicker reaction time.



Shockskin Hockey Impact shirt

ShockSkin for goalies is uniquely integrated with their regular gear to cover gaps in protection.

MSRP: $74.99 (youth), $79.99 (adult)

Hockey goalie compression pant

Allows for the maximum comfort and mobility goalies need while offering unparalleled fit and protection.

MSRP: $39.99 (youth), $44.99 (adult)

569 ultra neck guard (pictured right)

Provides an anatomical fit with knit lining, durable outer and a cut-resistant Kevlar core.

MSRP: $19.99

Nano 3D Mouthguard

Gel liner offers a tight fit while the low profile makes breathing and talking easier.

MSRP: $49.99



Warrior Swagger Goalie Stick (pictured right)

Made in the majestic forests of Finland, the Warrior Swagger uses the best quality Aspen core handle and Warrior’s proprietary Poly-Urethane foam core paddle and blade. What you get is the most durable, well-balanced goal stick on the market and the same spec used by more than 15 goalies in the pros. 

Fortress Leg Pads

The Fortress leg pad is a progressive flat-faced construction that helps control rebounds with optimal consistency. The thinner outside roll allows for a larger flat-face surface.  We use high-quality Zotefoams in a single core construction, making it a durable and light pad. Fully customizable. 

Fortress Blocker

The Fortress blocker has a seamless outer edge for maximum coverage. The board position is lower for increased coverage below the stick handle while in stance. This eliminates the redundant coverage at the top of the blocker with the arm pad. Fully customizable. 

Fortress Glove

The Fortress trapper is a front-facing catch glove that has a 35-degree hand opening for a more comfortable feel. The trapper offers a new double hinged break for full coverage in open position and for a quick snap and a natural closure. Fully customizable. 

This article originally appeared in the July 2011 issue of New England Hockey Journal.