June 1, 2012

The Baillargeon Blog: Sitting down with the B's on Day 3

By Robbie Baillargeon

Editor's note: Robbie Baillargeon (Enfield, Conn.) is a former Cushing Academy standout who shined for the USHL's Indiana Ice in 2011-12. He'll be filing an online diary of his experiences at the annual NHL Draft Combine in Toronto this week. 

Robbie Baillargeon had 48 points in 54 games during his rookie season in the USHL. (Photo courtesy of Indiana Ice)

Today, Thursday, went very well. It was more of a relaxed type day. I woke up around 7:45 and got ready to go to my first interview.

I started off with Ottawa and had Nashville right after. Both interviews went great and were laid back and relaxed. Still, I have yet to be asked and weird or strange questions. I'm starting to think that's a myth! 

After Nashville I went back to my room and watched tv until my next interview, which was at 10:50 with St. Louis. After my interview with them, which went very well also, I headed over to Subway with Jon Gillies (South Portland, Maine) to grab some lunch. On the way over, we were again, mobbed by different fans asking us to sign sticks, magazines, and NHL Draft cards. 

We ate some lunch and then headed back over to the hotel to rest until our next interviews. My next one was at 1:45 with Winnipeg. I headed up to their room and had a great interview with them. So far, every team has had quite a bit of staff members with them except Ottawa -- they were on the smaller scale. 

With four interviews down I had two left, one being with the Boston Bruins! I was very excited for this one, since they are my favorite team. I have been a fan my whole life and grew up watching them all the time. I was very excited to what they had to offer with the type of questions they asked and how many staff members they had with them. Going in, I wasn't nervous at all. I greeted everyone, sat down, and started answering questions just like every other interview. The atmosphere was very formal and relaxed, I felt very comfortable during it. The interview went great! I thanked everyone and headed back to my room.

I only had one interview left with about a four-hour break until my last one. With all the free time, I met up with Jon and we went back to the Reebok/CCM room. There, we tried out there new sticks at the shooting station and we played each other in a shooting accuracy game. We played tic tac toe and fastest shooting, which was whoever hit all nine targets in the fastest time won. Those were really fun and enjoyable. 

It came time for me to start getting ready for my last interview, so I headed back to my room. I got ready and went to New Jersey's interview room. This one went well, which I was pleased to finish all my interviews on a good note. 

After, I changed into street clothes and Jon Gillies, Matt DeBlouw, and I met up with Me and Jon's former teammate Boo Nieves (Kent School/Indiana- USHL), and his roommate, (Fargo - USHL defenseman) Brian Cooper. We went out to dinner at the same place we went the night before, Arizona's. We ordered some food, ate, and went back to the hotel to go to bed. Today was a good day, but tomorrow I have my fitness tests! 

Tomorrow starts all the craziness with the media that's covering the combine. I start at 2:30 and should finish up around 5:10. 

Thanks for checking in!

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