August 28, 2012

Hockey East teams up with Hogan Hockey

By Jesse Connolly

Hogan Hockey has been named as the official supplier of cut-resistant hockey equipment for both the men’s and women’s leagues in Hockey East. 

Hogan Hockey’s groundbreaking technology is aimed at preventing and reducing the risk of injuries from skate blade lacerations. Their line of products includes terry cloth wrist guards, cut-resistant socks and cut-resistant goalie/player underwear, all of which utilize Kevlar -- known to the common man as the material used in bulletproof clothing.

"We are pleased to add Hogan Hockey to our family of corporate partners," said Hockey East commissioner Joe Bertagna. "What they are doing in the area of player safety is a significant development in our game for hockey players of all ages and skills."

Per Hockey East’s press release:

The ACHILLES ® line of cut-resistant products will help prevent skate blade injuries, some of which may be career ending or even catastrophic. These products will also protect the vulnerable areas of a hockey player's body where traditional hockey equipment does not.

"Hogan Hockey is proud to partner with Hockey East, home of the reigning men's champions, the Boston College Eagles,” says Randy Hogan, CEO and President of Hogan Hockey. "Not only that, this partnership further solidifies our endeavor in educating all levels of hockey on the importance of cut-resistant products like our ACHILLES ® line."

Hogan Hockey’s website includes myriad testimonials. Included among them is one from Devils forward Travis Zajac.

"After having surgery on my torn Achilles, there is no other sock I would wear than Hogan Hockey's cut resistant Achilles sock,” Zajac wrote. “The added protection has given me the confidence to get back on the ice without any fear of reinjury. They are the most comfortable sock I've worn and the breathability is fantastic. Thanks Hogan Hockey for extra peace of mind."  

For more info on Hogan Hockey, check out their website here

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