September 8, 2012

Details of crazy BU party land Parker in hot water

By Jesse Connolly

After being ripped in a task force's report that concluded a culture of "sexual entitlement" was rampant and needed to be swiftly curbed, Boston University again finds itself in hot water now that details of a wild 2009 party have been released. 

BU head coach Jack Parker was stripped of his title as executive athletic director earlier this week. (Dave Arnold Photography)

Many believe head coach Jack Parker (Somerville, Mass.), who vacated his role as executive athletic director following the initial release of the report, should face further discipline.

The allegations go as follows: In 2009, the Terriers and other BU students and friends gathered at Agganis Arena for a late-night bash following their victory in the NCAA championship. According to the Boston Globe, the party involved underage drinking from kegs, nude players shooting pucks and rampant disrespectful behavior toward women. 

“It was insane,” one former student who was at the party told the BU task force. “People were having sex in the penalty box.”

According to the Globe, school administrators and even campus police had zero knowledge of the incident until the task force got to work and began investigating earlier this year. 

What's worse, however, is that Parker seemingly swept it all under the rug. 

The Globe writes that Parker "professed ignorance" when asked about the night in question, but according to two players and a staff member that spoke with the task force, the legendary coach reprimanded his squad for their actions. Furthermore, Parker told the task force he preached good behavior, but is quoted in the report as telling his team that it's not his job to say, "'You guys gotta be celibate.'"

Parker has received plenty of public support, be it from those who were close to the team in years past and vouched for his character or those who believe such problems are hardly limited to Boston University.

Nevertheless, there are plenty taken aback by the latest turn in this tale.

“Parker’s comments from the report and previous interviews clearly indicate he does not understand sexual assault and has no genuine intention of trying to stop it,” Michelle Weiser, a recent BU graduate and feminist activist told the Globe. “He’s setting a poor example for his team, and I don’t expect that to change as long as he is head coach.”

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