January 28, 2012

Chara obliterates own Hardest Shot record

By Jesse Connolly

Entering the 2012 All-Star Skills Competition, Zdeno Chara had won the Hardest Shot competition four-straight times. 

Not only was the Bruins captain victorious again on Saturday night, Chara shattered the previous record of 105.9 mph previously held by, well, himself of course.

Paired up with Team Alfredsson opponent Shea Weber, who's given the 6-foot-9 blueliner a run for his money in recent years, Chara watched as the Predators d-man opened up with a blast just under 105 mph. Little did Weber know, with some added motivation and a return to a Warrior stick, Chara was going to trump that mark significantly.

No. 33 led off with a 106.2 mph shot on his first attempt before blasting a 108.8 mph rocket in front of the floored crowd at Scotiabank Place. 

Chara, who will turn 35 in March, has somehow improved his speed in the competition in each of the last five runs. 

The Bruins d-man's squad wound up on the losing end overall, as Team Alfredsson pulled away late for a 21-12 win. Even if he doesn't come out on top tomorrow afternoon when the real game takes place, Chara's ability to hang onto his Hardest Shot crown and once again smash his previous blasts were something the captain can certainly be proud of.

Check out Chara's 108.8 mph slapper from Saturday's Skills Competition: