May 31, 2011

Total Hockey launches green recycling initiative

On Tuesday, hockey retailer Total Hockey announced the launch of HockeyGreen, a recycling program for composite hockey sticks. This new initiative focuses on aligning Total Hockey's business practices with environmentally friendly strategies in an effort to reduce its ecological impact.

"We are excited to launch the first genuine hockey equipment recycling effort in North America," said Michael Benoit, president and CEO of Total Hockey.

HockeyGreen provides players with an incentive to recycle their broken and unusable composite hockey sticks instead of just throwing them away. It rewards customers for going green. Every broken composite hockey stick is eligible for a $10 credit towards a qualifying stick purchase at Total Hockey.

Beginning June 1, customers are asked to bring broken sticks to their local Total Hockey retail store.

In early August, customers will be able to recycle their old sticks online at and apply the $10 credit towards online stick purchases.

“We have wrestled with this concept for the last 18 months because of the evident challenges of claiming carbon fiber from stick materials. We finally decided not to wait any longer," Benoit said. "Instead, we are offering the recycling industry a chance to capture the T Prize, an award aimed at incenting engineers and material processors to uncover the secrets of carbon fiber recapture from composite hockey sticks."

The T Prize is a $100,000 award being offered by Total Hockey for the individual or company that can develop an economically viable process for the extraction and reuse of carbon fibers from composite hockey sticks. will feature updates on the T Prize, including the announcements on the expert panel selection, specific parameters for qualification for eligibility for the T Prize and delivering the award planned for late 2012.

"I am ecstatic about the opportunity to do something about the environment within our sport. It is wonderful to recycle bottles, cans and paper, but to be a pioneer in a major initiative involving the recycling of hockey gear itself is fantastic," said Benoit.

Total Hockey is committed to demonstrating progress in environmental understanding and practices to help reduce its ecological impact in the world. The hockey retailer is actively pursuing avenues to engage the hockey community in its green efforts to not only raise awareness, but also provide solutions to minimize the organization's carbon footprint.